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People Want to Eat Meat Raised Without Excessive Antibiotics. Wouldn’t You?

The magazine Consumer Reports is publishing a report and poll on US consumers’ attitudes toward the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. From everyone’s reactions when I write about this, I thought people cared about this issue, but the numbers are a little surprising even to me: 86 percent of shoppers in a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults said they wanted meat raised without antibiotics to be available in their local supermarkets. Some other key numbers:

  • 72 percent of shoppers were concerned about overuse of agricultural antibiotics creating superbugs
  • 67 percent worried about routine antibiotic dosing in livestock feed
  • 65 percent thought there might be antibiotic residues in meat they consume
  • 61 percent worried about antibiotics entering the environment from mega-farm runoff
  • 61 percent were willing to spend at least 5 cents more per pound in order to buy meat raised without antibiotics
  • 37 percent were willing to spend an additional dollar per pound.   (Tevya’s doesn’t require you to spend an extra dollar, to the contrary!)

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