Yesterday’s BBQ

The following is an email from one of out customers:


Dear Tevya’s Ranch:


I have been on a low curb diet for the past 2 weeks and yesterday my wife and kids went out for pizza so I decided to bbq for my dinner.

In pictures, you can see the packages, 1 package of 3 middle check stakes and a package of thin rib eyes (sandwiches).

Let me begin by saying that the price was unreal, 1.38lb for the chuck and 0.78lb for the rib eye.

All I added was a bit of lemon and pepper. Tevyes meats were unbelievably juicy and tasty; as you know words cant describe the taste.

Needless to say, my entire family joined me for supper after seeing the fruits of my bbq.

The best part is that the total cost was cheaper then a pie of pizza and fries.

Yours Truly,

A grateful customer