Bison vs. grass fed beef

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One frequently sees reports claiming that buffalo meat is a healthier meat than others.  But in most cases it is not.  The nutritional characteristics of buffalo meat, like the meats from all other livestock species, is directly related to what the buffalo eat.  Grain-fed buffalo have the same horrible fatty acid imbalances and vitamin deficiencies as grain-fed cattle, grain-fed chicken, and so on.  Consequently if one is focused on eating right for their long-term health, then they should only eat “grass-fed” buffalo when they dine on buffalo meats.
       Most of the buffalo meat sold in America comes from GRAIN-FED bison.  In fact, we had to look high and low for a buffalo producer who raises them with the same strict no-grain, no-foreign-foods-of-any-kind approach we demand.  We’ve located a couple of them, but the supply is less than we’d like.  But keep in mind that when it comes to nutritional characteristics, grass-fed Bison/Buffalo has no advantages over grass-fed pork, grass-fed lamb, grass-fed goat, or grass-fed beef.  So if you are interested in eating right, take a look at all of our grass-fed meats.  Uniquely some of our buffalo meat comes from Water Buffalo!  There are no distinguishable differences in either the nutrients or the flavor when it comes to grass-fed Bison and grass-fed Buffalo.

Tevya’s Ranch – The Morning After

We had a great bbq last night. The oyster steak has melted in our mouths…….

There were some leftovers, a nice piece of london broil so the following day I took it  to work.  I couldn’t heat the meat in the office and ate it cold. To my surprise, lo and behold, it was delicious! Tevya’s meats have no fat or added antibiotics and the meat tastes good the morning after, even cold.  Don’t take my word for it try it yourselves.



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Ordering Up Beef That Roamed the Range



For some steak lovers, their dinner menu is determined by their dinner’s menu.

Pasture-raised, or grass-fed beef is an increasing alternative to grain-fed beef sold in supermarkets and in most restaurants. While all beef cattle eat a grass-based diet for part of their lives, most beef sold in the U.S. comes from animals that spend their last months in feedlots where they are fattened on corn or other grains. The term “grass-fed” beef has come to mean animals that spend their entire lives foraging and eating grass.


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Tevya’s Ranch, because it is leaner, and better tasting.

Yesterday’s BBQ

The following is an email from one of out customers:


Dear Tevya’s Ranch:


I have been on a low curb diet for the past 2 weeks and yesterday my wife and kids went out for pizza so I decided to bbq for my dinner.

In pictures, you can see the packages, 1 package of 3 middle check stakes and a package of thin rib eyes (sandwiches).

Let me begin by saying that the price was unreal, 1.38lb for the chuck and 0.78lb for the rib eye.

All I added was a bit of lemon and pepper. Tevyes meats were unbelievably juicy and tasty; as you know words cant describe the taste.

Needless to say, my entire family joined me for supper after seeing the fruits of my bbq.

The best part is that the total cost was cheaper then a pie of pizza and fries.

Yours Truly,

A grateful customer


Tevya’s Ranch The Pioneer in the Glatt Kosher Market!


People Want to Eat Meat Raised Without Excessive Antibiotics. Wouldn’t You?

The magazine Consumer Reports is publishing a report and poll on US consumers’ attitudes toward the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. From everyone’s reactions when I write about this, I thought people cared about this issue, but the numbers are a little surprising even to me: 86 percent of shoppers in a nationally representative sample of 1,000 adults said they wanted meat raised without antibiotics to be available in their local supermarkets. Some other key numbers:

  • 72 percent of shoppers were concerned about overuse of agricultural antibiotics creating superbugs
  • 67 percent worried about routine antibiotic dosing in livestock feed
  • 65 percent thought there might be antibiotic residues in meat they consume
  • 61 percent worried about antibiotics entering the environment from mega-farm runoff
  • 61 percent were willing to spend at least 5 cents more per pound in order to buy meat raised without antibiotics
  • 37 percent were willing to spend an additional dollar per pound.   (Tevya’s doesn’t require you to spend an extra dollar, to the contrary!)

Come and check out our Marinated Meats

We are especially proud of our Marinated Meats that have a special formula of spices and herbs. Tevya’s began creating and testing the perfect seasonings for our special meat products.  Today, all of these efforts have accumulated into one of the finest tasting marinated and seasoned meat products in the region. MSG is never added to marinate the meat.

Our meats are sold at Seasons 6818 Main Street Flushing, NY 11367

Grain fed versus grain finished beef

In addition to grass-fed beef, Tevya’s ranch also produces grain-finished beef.

These meats are not grain-fed! they are grain-finished.


Grain-finished means that the cow has been grass-fed for its entire life and has been finished on grains. Finishing on grain gives the cow more weight and more fat which makes the beef more consistently flavorful and tender.

However, a grain-finished more omega-3s than grainfed animals since omega-3s are formed in the green leaves (specifically the chloroplasts) of plants.

Tevya’s grain-finished cattle are raised in the open air and open fields  unlike grain-finished cattle in the US which are raised in crowded feedlots.

In conclusion, The difference between grainfed and grain-finished animal products is dramatic.

What is cla?

A host of research has been conducted on animals, under microscopes, and with humans to determine the impact of CLA on disease.  Results have shown CLA to be a potent ally for combating:

                * Cancer

                * Cardiovascular disease

                * High blood pressure

                * High Cholesterol and triglycerides

                * Osteoporosis

                * Inflammation

               * Immune system invaders